John grew up on a farm with parents who believed in conservation.  
Conservation that saved soil from erosion and helped to maintain
habitat and food for native insects, small mammals, reptiles, and
song birds.

The Clayton/Brownlie/Graham side of his family have been farmers
for centuries in Britain and then in moving to the 13 Colonies and
other ancestors arriving in the 1830's.   John's mother, a Chicoski,
the (Polish/Slovakia) side of the family were previously farmers in
Europe and moved to New York in the late 1800's.

Growing up on a farm; the same farm where today's Broad View
Garden is located; John's parents valued nature preservation;
protecting topsoil and conserving native biological diversity.

John became a public school teacher and taught for over 27 years.  
He retired over five years ago and moved back to Iowa.  John has
continued his parent's legacy of protecting the native environment.

John packages and sells prairie wildflower seed over the Internet.
Each year a new package of beautiful and interesting prairie flowers
are offered for sale.

Broad View Garden is a demonstration garden which is also used for
research.  The Garden is expanding with new wildflower species
being planted each year.
Grandfather of John Clayton.  The original sod
house still stands north of Davenport, Iowa.
Prairie Adventure