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 adding customer value
Activities that drive forward our improvement.

1.  Adding Customer value
to our seed mix continues
to be a high priority.

Customer's toughest problems is maintenance.  We want
you to leave your mark on the earth in a beautiful way,
but without countless hours of exhausting labor.

We provide low maintenance advice and pass this on to
our customers.   
Access here to garden care...

2.  Education is an essential for changing hearts and
minds to save native species from extinction.

bvs has conducted numerous presentations to groups.

3.  Research drives us to higher levels of performance.    

We research how butterflies, Bombus, and birds
interact with various prairie wildflower plants.  

In addition, our prairie wildflowers are studied to  
note how each species responds to various
bvs has made the support of Bumble Bees (Bombus) a
special goal.

Bombus have been devastated by man-made
environmental change.  Yet, at Broad View Garden there
have been up to seven species sighted some years.  We
aim to increase those numbers and sustain the several
species at the Garden.   We do this simply because we are
just so very fond of Bumble Bees.  

We are striving to build a more favored Bumble Bee
lands-cape.  Yet, this may be in vain if big agriculture
methods continue to increase chemicals applied in such a
manner to annihilate all the local Bumble bee species.  

4.  Expansion is a fourth way bvs is changing.  By
increasing native wildflowers at Broad View Garden, we
are adding opportunities for both pollinator and song bird
success.  Symbiotic interactions have evolved over
thousands of years between native life forms.  These
beneficial exchanges are generally ones of nutrition,
shelter, and defense.

Simultaneously, establishing native flower plants allows
those plants to dodge extinction.

In conclusion, a great feeling of gratitude comes from
being amidst the multitudes of life at a prairie wildflower
garden.  The experience is wonderful.  

Together, native flower gardeners make an important
contribution to saving native life and as well, our own